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Virtual Clubhouse Statement

Hello to the members of the Union Station Clubhouse!

I hope that you are all well during these unprecedented and rather trying times.
One of the most difficult things during a crisis like this being isolated and not having access to the necessary supports. This has been recognized by state and county mental offices as well as Goodwill of Southwestern PA. As a result, community-based mental health services such as the Union Station Clubhouse have been deemed as a “life-sustaining business.”
Therefore, I am happy to announce that the Union Station Clubhouse will be offering psychiatric rehabilitation services through a telehealth option. Essentially we will be having a “virtual Clubhouse” Here is some commonly asked questions:

What are “Telehealth Services”?

These are services rendered remotely using computers, tablets, smartphones, and landline phones.

What will a “Virtual Clubhouse” look like?

In essence, it is an opportunity for you to interact with Clubhouse staff online! We will be utilizing online conferencing services such a Zoom and/or WebEx as well as Facebook Live to have morning and afternoon meetings similar to our unit meetings. We will also offer a daily group instructional session on a variety of topics.
Individual sessions will be conducted using whichever method you prefer (landline phone, smartphone, tablet, or computer). We will also utilize a variety of platforms to meet your needs such as: video messaging, FaceTime, Facebook Video Messenger, etc.

Why would I want to be involved in a Virtual Clubhouse?

For two main reasons: to positively cope with the current situation of mandated isolation, and to continue to make progress in your goals. And above all…to interact and have fun with this online experience!

How can I get involved in the Virtual Clubhouse?

We will be reaching out to everyone within the next day or so to ask who is interested as well as their preferred method of service.
We look forward to sharing this new and exciting online experience!


Scott Bombach
Union Station Clubhouse Program Director- CPRP